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Holy Holistics! Florence Nightingale Paved Way To This ‘New’ Approach

By 1st November, 2016 Life at Thirwood Comments Off

(Originally published in To Your Good Health)
By Larry Lyford

The healthcare industry is ever evolving with a multitude of fields in which nurses and doctors can specialize, including holistic care. Holistic care has a long history, dating back to the days of Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in the nursing industry. Over time, especially throughout the last several years, there has been an increasing demand for a more person-centered care, focusing more on treating the whole person rather than just treating the ailment. There has also been a rise in the emphasis on organic food and integrating exercise such as yoga into daily routines, increasing self-awareness of the many effects of nutrition and fitness on the overall health of patients.

The ultimate goal of holistic health is healing the person as a whole. For instance, a holistic nurse is a licensed nurse who takes a “mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment” approach to the practice of traditional nursing, integrating the principles of holistic healing into daily life within a clinical practice. When a patient is being treated, a variety of treatment techniques will be used. While the treatment plan may involve medication to relieve symptoms, it will also require lifestyle modifications.

If you’re looking for holistic services you can ask within your current healthcare practice, or find a provider who solely focuses on holistic care. Often there are several providers in a practice focusing on holistic medicine with different concentrations such as homeopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic and osteopathic. When choosing the right holistic provider for you, one of the best sources is a recommendation from someone you trust. Ask questions such as: Are they board certified in holistic medicine? Do you share the same views? Are they spending enough time with you to fully understand your needs?

Make sure they are asking you a full array of questions including those about your diet, exercise, how you feel emotionally, sleep habits and more. To find a holistic practitioner in your area, or to learn more about holistic care you could visit the American Holistic Medical Association website at www.ahha.org.

(Mr. Lyford is Director of Sales & Marketing for Thirwood Place in South Yarmouth, 508-398-8006 or llyford@thirwoodplace.com)