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Seniors’ Solutions for Winter on the Cape

By 10th January, 2019 Life at Thirwood Comments Off

(Originally published on Capecod.com)
By Ann Luongo

Winter on Cape Cod seems a long way from the beach days, ice cream trips, whale watching and golfing of summer’s warm days. Although we also love the tranquil beach scenery and year-round attractions like museums, antique stores, and dining in cozy restaurants, winter can sometimes be isolating, nerve-racking and lackluster. Some people may experience this feeling more than others, especially seniors in our area.

There are many ways to manage your seasonal apprehension and improve your winter mindset, lifestyle and overall health as the the snow starts falling and temperatures barely creep above freezing. Now is the time to trade a dip in Nantucket Sound or Cape Cod Bay for a daily swim in a heated indoor pool, as you’ll find at a senior center or local fitness club. And the scenic Cape Cod Rail Trail may be covered in snow but you can join a walking club at the Cape Cod Mall or ride a stationary bike inside.

Music and entertainment can also give you a boost through the winter months. The Cape Symphony offers a winter long music series covering everything from Beethoven to The Wizard of Oz. And senior living communities usually offer an array of acts each month. Many of these performances are free and open to the public in addition to residents of the senior community. Keep an eye out for ads in regular publications or event listings on Facebook and be a guest at one of these enjoyable events.

If you no longer drive or prefer not to drive in the winter or at night, there are several great transportation alternatives. CCRTA is a public bus service that offers all Cape Cod community members rides across the area and even to 24 Boston hospitals. Taxis, Uber and other special transportation services are also available across the Cape.

Nerves may set in when sub-degree temperatures start to make their presence known along with mother nature’s idea of “inclement weather” from snow to sleet and strong winds. People start to test their generators, make sure their heating fuel tank is full and run to the grocery store. Others opt to stay at a hotel or shelter to ensure they don’t get stuck in the cold. Those in a senior living community don’t need to worry as the snow will be shoveled, meals will be easily accessible, generators will run the heat and social activities are provided to help make the most of being “snowed in.”

The outcome of a storm can cause some headaches to a homeowner. Should there be infrastructural damage or long-term utility outages, getting a contractor to mend all the destruction can be daunting. Residents of senior living communities are in luck as maintenance and repairs are managed and covered by the senior living community. Homeowners should seek out one of the many reputable construction and restoration services or in extreme situations advocacy organizations like the Cape Cod and Islands Major Crisis Relief Fund that can help one navigate through the aftermath.

Other than a few trips south, the best way for seniors to embrace the winter is by choosing a senior living community such as Thirwood Place in South Yarmouth. All under one roof you can have the ease of a maintenance-free lifestyle in a spacious apartment with resort style amenities such as heated indoor pools, greenhouses, art classes and live entertainment as well as instant access to your own social circle with friends just down the hall. Before you know it, it’ll be summer again!