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Changing the Way Seniors Live with Impaired Vision

At The Cove at Thirwood Place, our philosophy on vision loss is one of a positive attitude empowering each resident to reach their potential and achieve their highest level of independence. A warm, friendly environment created by the staff invites residents to master alternative daily living techniques and new skills, allowing those with vision impairments to have greater opportunities.

Personalized Attention, Assistive Technology & Specialized Services

Our highly-trained professional staff is available at all times to assist in solving challenges and providing support. Thirwood’s spacious one and two bedroom residences include:

  • The latest in assistive tools and technology designed with the needs of the visually impaired in mind, including talking microwaves and clocks, coffee pour monitor, bump-dots, optical mouse and/or tray reader, personal emergency call buttons
  • Kitchens that give residents the option of preparing their own meals using specialized appliances and low-vision-friendly devices
  • Living rooms enhanced with talk-technology, all carefully selected to promote confidence, comfort and independence
  • A “scribe service” for residents who request help with reading their mail or writing cards and letters
  • Daily recorded calls, including daily activities and menu items
  • 24-hour supervision by qualified Assisted Living staff

Program Details

During the first several days of the program, residents are introduced to our specially trained professional staff and offered a comprehensive orientation program including familiarization with available facilities and aids, a daily activity schedule and assistive technology training. Apartment reviews are conducted twice per month with staff to address any further instructional needs, maximizing the use of all specialty appliances, fixtures and technology by the resident.

The program at The Cove at Thirwood Place allows residents with impaired or low vision to learn practical living techniques in a supportive environment, surrounded by other seniors facing similar challenges, integrating them into the senior living community as a whole. Focusing on the unique needs of these seniors allows us to offer customized care that is not currently available in this region.

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Our network of care is broadened by our affiliations with both Cape Cod Healthcare and Sight Loss Services, providing us with their experience, knowledge and support.

The Cove at Thirwood Place Assisted Living, along with Thirwood Place Independent Living, has been New England’s finest senior living community for over two decades. Located on 45 acres overlooking Flax Pond in South Yarmouth, you’ll find a caring staff, spacious residences, a full range of dining options and a multitude of activities for our residents.