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Cape Cod Classics Car Club Makes Annual Ride To Thirwood Place

By 3rd June, 2019 Life at Thirwood Comments Off

(SOUTH YARMOUTH) – The Cape Cod Classics Car Club revved it up with their annual visit to Thirwood Place in South Yarmouth on Saturday, June 1.

Some of the cars that club members drove in with included a bright red 1948 Ford Coupe, a 1968 Ford XL convertible and a 1965 Corvair Corsa convertible.

The Cape Cod Classics Car Club has been making the spring trip to Thirwood for several years, giving residents a close-up look at some of the horsepower and classic Detroit metal from decades past.

The team at Thirwood provided residents and club members with a spectacular BBQ spread that included cheeseburgers, hot dogs, salad and watermelon.

Thirwood Place residents spent time strolling among the cars, with many reminiscing about similar cars they owned in the past.