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Millie Slapansky – Still Having Fun – At 101

By 17th June, 2019 Life at Thirwood Comments Off

(SOUTH YARMOUTH) – When Millie Slapansky moved to Thirwood Place in South Yarmouth just over a year ago, she finally had a chance to see the Atlantic Ocean in person for the first time in her life.

She was 100 years old at the time.

On June 17, Millie, surrounded by family members and her friends at Thirwood Place, celebrated her 101th birthday, complete with cake and ice cream.

She said it was a “beautiful sight” when she first saw the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, one century after her birth.

“Everyone should be happy,” was Millie’s response when asked what the secret was to a long life. “Everyone should have a good time,” she said.

More than a dozen other Thirwood Place residents joined in the party, including one resident who was 100 years old. He said he was taking notes from Millie so he would know what to do when he turns 101.

Millie’s daughter, Mary Ryan, helped coordinate the party with team members from Thirwood Place, calling her mom “an amazing lady.”

The family grew up in Chicago and getting to the East Coast to see the ocean was just never an option for Millie.

That was until Mary and her family moved to Cape Cod a year ago, bringing mom as well. Mary said they made the move east after she and her husband retired.

“She’s quite an amazing lady,” said Ryan about her mother.

“She likes to walk,” said Ryan and noted that her mom believes that’s a big part of maintaining a healthy and long life.

Everyone at Thirwood Place wishes Millie a happy 101st birthday. We can’t wait for next year’s celebration!