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The third annual Low Vision Summit was held June 8, 2017

The first of its kind in the area, this summit recognizes the ongoing and ever-increasing need for education and resources for those with low vision on Cape Cod.

Quick Facts

  • The summit at Thirwood Place is a free event open to the public
  • All seniors, caregivers and industry professionals are encouraged to attend
  • Enjoy a series of short presentations focused on education and resources available to those with low or impaired vision.

Advance registration is required due to limited seating; please call Thirwood Place at 508-398-8006. Get driving directions

2017 Featured Speakers

CYNTHIA STEAD, Sight Loss Services, Inc. Cape Cod and Islands
Getting to know your local resource for Cape Codders with low or impaired vision
Sight Loss Services provides monthly peer to peer support groups all over the Cape. We also have an extensive resource room filled with adaptive and provide assistance on how to use them.

PAULA GEORGE, Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority
The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority
The Cape Cod RTA is the public transportation system for the fifteen towns of Cape Cod. The Cape Cod RTA provides fixed route, ADA, Dial-A-Ride transportation, Boston hospital transportation, mobility assistance vans, accessible transportation service, human service and social service transportation.

KATHY DEVINE, Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Prescription Advantage Program 
Tips to save money on prescription drugs
Learn about state and federal programs that help Medicare beneficiaries lower their prescription drug costs.


STU FLOM, Founder, AdaptiVision
Lighting for Low Vision
Quality lighting is often the most important solution for a person struggling with low vision, but unfortunately it is often the most neglected. Discover answers to this critical issue. It could enhance your ability to read and enable you to see better!

DR. DAVID REED, Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston
Age-Related Macular Degeneration
This discussion will address the following questions, and any others that discussion generates: What is age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and why does it cause vision loss?  What does it do to the vision?  Does it cause complete loss of vision?  Can glasses help? What are the risk factors for AMD?  Can anything be done to prevent it, slow it down, stop it, or reverse it?  Does it run in families?  If I have it, will my children definitely get it? What is the difference between dry and wet AMD?  Do eye injections hurt?  How many injections are typically needed and how often are they given?  What are some of the future treatments on the horizon?