Your Partner In Wellness

Affiliation With Cape Cod Healthcare

Thirwood Place Senior Living Community is the only senior living option on Cape Cod affiliated with Cape Cod Healthcare. For our residents and families, this partnership delivers everything from well-balanced meals and on-site medical services to better communication and shared hospital records. Care and caring go hand in hand!

Your Partners In

Local Healthcare

During our more than three-decade affiliation, both organizations have enjoyed a mutual respect and trust for one another.

The Executive Chef confers with the CCHC Dietician on the weekly menu offerings ensuring nutrition, variety, and special dietary requirements. Lab services are provided for the residents under the supervision of Quest/Cape Cod Healthcare.

Residents can have blood samples drawn without leaving their neighborhood within Thirwood Place.

Thirwood's Team

Coordinated Care

Another feature is the sharing of medical records and communications with the hospital when a resident has been admitted. At the resident’s request, Thirwood’s Care Team will share medical record information with Cape Cod Healthcare to provide better care and communication with doctors.

The Thirwood Care Team also has access to the hospital’s patient data computer system. Not only do the residents receive the assistance of Cape Cod Healthcare if needed, but the Thirwood staff has an immeasurable resource.

Staff development and training is very important when giving the best care and keeping up with state and federal standards. Care and caring go hand in hand!